• April 2012: Preparing for change

    A common subject of conversation in my life amongst friends and family these days is often prefaced with words such as, “You must be feeling excited about the changes ahead, with you finishing Courage in September . . .?” (For anyone who has not read about that, see my article “The times they are a’changin’”

    Well the truth is that I AM excited about the forthcoming developments for a new ministry that will develop in place of Courage. Having said that, the future for me personally remains somewhat unknown, which is never a very comfortable feeling. But life is just too busy at the moment to be able to think much about it. Sometimes that feels a bit irresponsible; at other times, I remind myself that I should just trust in God—who always opens up the way ahead when the time is right, and seldom if ever gives any advance notice! However, I feel sure that I’ll still be involved at least to the extent of providing ongoing pastoral care, and also supporting the new work of course (whilst leaving the initiatives to others).

    What is clear now, with regard to meetings and special events, is that a group of dedicated longstanding Courage members will be taking the ministry forwards. They have been meeting for the past year, under the working title “Courage Two”, to discuss, pray about and plan what should follow “Courage” when I finish—hence my calling this site the Post-Courage blog!

    Courage Two team: (from left to right)

    Jane, Tanya, Mark, Dermott, Elaine, Tim, David, Alex & Matt.

    Missing from this photo: Kim & Sigrun

    I’ve just sent round an e-mail to all Courage members (on our current lists) to ask for their views as to what a “new Courage” should look like. The team have created a simple survey with 8 questions (just click on the link below) and are really looking for feedback by Tuesday 1st May, so that they can collate and discuss the responses at their next meeting – which is being held early in May.

    In case any former Courage members (not on that mailing list) feel that they have anything useful to contribute to this survey, I am including a link here for any of my readers to follow up. The survey can be completed on a confidential basis, but it does provide the opportunity to include your own e-mail address if you want to be kept in touch with further developments.

    Click here to take the survey.

    Plans for the new “Courage Two” will be announced at the Final Courage Retreat in a special afternoon session—at the Belsey Bridge Conference Centre on the weekend of 15th – 17th June. There are still some places for this Retreat available, so if you are interested in coming and haven’t booked your place yet please contact me: himself@jeremymarks.me.uk

    HURRY AND BOOK NOW BECAUSE TIME IS RUNNING OUT – ONLY 6 WEEKS TO GO BEFORE BOOKINGS MUST BE FINALISED. We don’t need your money now, just a statement of clear intent – with your booking form!

    The Courage Two members look forward to your response to the survey as soon as possible.

    And I look forward to receiving your Retreat booking as soon as possible.

    Jeremy Marks

    17th April 2012



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